Knowledge Dispels Fear

peter cook

The Chartered College of Teaching

From the first TeachMeet in 2006, successfully combining online networks with inspiring events, to the work of teachers across the country who are creating and contributing to enthusiastic communities of reflective practice…

Something important is happening. Something significant at a national level that’s putting teachers and the practice of teaching at the center of developing our education system.

I’m proud to be on the team working with teachers on the Chartered College of Teaching:

TEDx Style Speaker Coaching

I know the ache of disconnect when we have something important to say, but seemingly no space to say it in. The build up, the daring to speak and frustration of being misunderstood.

Writing was the key to unlocking my own clarity, then creativity. As a performance poet, I’m a student of the the ways rhetoric and movement combine to help us connect with each other.

It’s my joy to coach those with something important to say, for example:

Performance Poetry

This ‘hobby’ hit me from left field. My first poem felt urgent, but also a fluke. I forgot about it. With my second poem, the idea of being a ‘poet’ made me laugh. That’s what other people do!

Tentative steps from writing and hiding, to writing and performing have enthused me with a belief in what’s possible with very little. To perform a poem you need no instrument, no tech, only your voice:

Above all, with poetry, I love introducing the unexpected. I perform within workshops and do so because this invites honest conversations better than any other way I know. I’ve done this for young people in sheltered housing as well as for teachers in schools and other settings.

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