This Is About Doing YOUR Education Your Way!




…because deciding you *want to to study* is the first step:

Knowing what to study (which subject exactly?) and how (part-time, distance? sandwich?!) and which of-the-many-hundreds-of education providers to go with can get super confusing. Gaaah!

That’s what I thought too, until I found a way beyond all that choice and analysis-paralysis that comes with it.

APPRENTICING YOURSELF to the field you care about is how you can begin your studies today. This means; no more trawling though prospectuses (as pretty as they are) and no more applications till it’s absolutely clear the course is worthy of your energy and effort.

We are all students if we want to be, and yesthis can be official. 

We make your study official by making sure you’re working with others while you learn. This isn’t the same as ‘team work‘ with class peers. It’s you finding people in the real world doing work that makes you go ‘wow!‘ and supporting them.

The people you collaborate with, let’s call them mentors, force you to develop your knowledge (both theoretically and practically) while enhancing your status in that field. Plus, if you angle your strengths smartly, you can get paid for work you love. Crazy right? Well, no…

This is how every person who’s ever lead their field has learnt —>



Dig under the glory stories and they’ve all earned mentors; people ahead of them in that field who took an interest in their work for no other reason than they found the ‘apprentice’ worthy. At an ordinary-person level, here’s what can happen when you earn the attention of mentors:

Where this began (aka, my brother’s story): after dropping out of high school and feeling bored stacking shelves, he began some play projects in areas he loved. These earned him mentors and experience, which developed his confidence; he’s now a commercial pilot.

My Story: after graduating with a 1st class MSci degree, then realising my interest is in education (dooh!), I thought about going back to uni but, seeing what my brother had done, I started my own projects, which led to me creating a portfolio-career in education.


Starting cost of nothing.
Start now, only in your spare time.
If it feels boring, you can change something!
No commitment longer than any project you define.
Soon you’ll see opportunities you never considered possible!

If this sounds fun, here’s my free guide on how to start today with ‘3 Smart Ways to Get Real Mentors‘ —GO>