I am very interested in the Universe. I am specialising in the Universe and all that surrounds it - Peter Cook

Highlights from my Active Portfolio

What are the headline-themes of my current projects? What am I doing career-wise at the moment? What am I developing for fun in my free time? Yep, got some of that here.

Performance Poetry

So. I write poetry. And perform poetry. Before I knew about open mic poetry nights, I’d perform as part of talks and even create pop-up events like this one featured in the 2017 RSA Journal. Performing for 300 people at TEDx has been one highlight, alongside many unique shows.

Mostly, poetry is my own way of figuring things out or connecting with others through aspects of this world we find ourselves in. In other words, I also have a day job.

Founding Team Member at the Chartered College of Teaching

For nearly 170 years the teaching profession has had a Royal Charter, granted in 1849 by Queen Victoria to protect and serve teachers. In 2017 this charter was transferred to a new professional body called the Chartered College of Teaching.

Since the first TeachMeet in 2006 that successfully combined emerging online networks with inspiring events, teachers across the country have been creating and contributing to communities of reflective practice. Now, something important is happening.

At a national level, teachers and the practice of teaching are being seen as core to developing our education system. I’m proud to be on the founding team, working with and for teachers through the new Chartered College of Teaching.