What would your first move be if you wanted to be a _______?

Let’s See a Real Example…

Steff wants to be a politician
Not just any politician
One that matters!

[that blank in the question above, do you see your ambition there?]

In a very ‘Beyond the Box Education’ kind of way,
Instead of just quietly working towards this;
He made an announcement

[have you declared what you want to be? on a public platform?]

Then Steff thought about what he needs to know
Not for now, but for when he’s a politician
And this became a learning project

[imagine you’re already there, what do you need to know?]

Instead of day dreaming about his project
Or finding something easier to do
He made a list and said hi

[have you said hi to someone who knows what you need to know?]

He could share excitement for his project,
Rather than blab on about ambition
And so his project began!

If you find this terrifying, please be reassured that Steff is used to starting projects. He chose home-school for part of his education which means he’s got a head-start on most of us in terms of being shamelessly creative and provocative in his own learning.

So let’s learn from the example of people like Steff, and from them directly too…

When Steff and I first spoke several months ago he saw instantly what I was doing by electing myself to interview TEDx Speakers; after our interview he said:

“I’ll look forward to seeing what you use this as an excuse to do next…”

You see? The best thing about starting your own learning project is that those who work this way will notice you and egg you on.

Of course interviews are an effective way to build knowledge, status & connections, but if you’re not ready to interview people yet, begin independently.

I started in education with only a post on a free blog and things evolved from there.
The most important thing is to start; declare your learning project and begin.

In a few months you won’t know why you never did this sooner.

Challenge. Start today, now (yes you can); hit reply and do one of these options;

  • declare your ambition just to me as a first step or
  • try summarising the project you have in mind and get my input

In my reply I’ll match your courage by also sharing with you where I’m at on a new learning project that’s honestly terrifying me and I’m not sure why.

Maybe it’s just because I’ve not started it yet…
Shall we begin?

One of many inspiring replies came from Jaz Ampow Farr (famous for ‘The Apprentice’ and wonderfully infamous for challenging educators to be authentic) which evolved into this interview:

‘Is Ambition Bad? Interview with Jaz…’ (feel free to contact me for this content). 

Dare you not to be inspired to declare your ambition.