Apprentice Yourself

This 15 min video was part of an early ‘play project’ after discovering how simple it can be to earn the kinds of professional interest and connections we all need to move forwards, even after feeling stuck for so long. Responses like “I was thinking about doing this, I just didn’t know it!” and “I love how you make the distinction between doing work and doing a job” have compelled me to keep this available.

If you watch the video above and choose to take some action, I’d love to hear through twitter or my ‘Ask Leah’ page.

In sharing this project I’ve found that young people feeling frustrated by the simplicity of what they’re asked to do at school tend to begin quite freely creating the kinds of connections described in the video. Some choose to contact me and I’m happy to support:

“I wasn’t really take my passion that seriously and I cannot stress this enough: your email really inspired me to start working. And I am so glad I did! I love seeing my work out there in the world. It gives me so much satisfaction. Thank You, Leah!” – Paakhi

“Once again, a big Thank You for yesterday’s consultation. It was incredibly helpful in terms of seeing different perspectives and uncovering how I really feel, beneath layers of risk aversion. Now I’ve a clear vision and am excited to launch my own project and exploration!” – Derek

In contrast, it’s adults (with bills, responsibilities etc) who tend to struggle the most to begin this, even when initial enthusiasm is high. If this is you, I have an extra resource prepared that has proven useful to those who feel trapped or drained in their day job and need to create some head-space there as a first priory…

The 3 min video above is drawn from several years experience in recruitment where it became clear that those who know they’ve options are happier and do better in their professional lives than those who feel trapped. Watch to discover my best advice on making applications. This is not to say that you need to make an application, but simply about knowing it’s an option.

The main message from ‘Apprentice Yourself’ is that there are always other ways.