Leah K Stewart, Spoken Word Artists CV


WomenEd (March 2017) Performed two pieces with a short story

“Just discovered what a wonderful poet Leah K Stewart is; will be asking for performance lessons” – published poet K D Halliwell

TeachMeet (February 2017) Performance at a Teacher and Business Conference:

“You changed it up and it worked. Surprise is your secret weapon!” – Naomi

My Tics (July 2016) YouTube performance of a poem written by Daniel about his tourrettes:

“Thank you so much Leah! Even more powerful with your performance” – Martine

TeachFest (July 2016) Performance at a Teacher Conference:

“You had the audience captivated, a really powerful performance!” – Miss Garner

Stones Throw Show (June 2016) Self-organised show for my neighbours in response to Brexit sparking the realisation that my street had never once come together socially:

“Thank you for the kind invitation to your family home to share your gift of poetry. I found the experience calming, reflective and enjoyed the shared emotion listening with our neighbours”Margaret

“To Leah, I really liked your poems because you were using your imagination and I like imagination things. Well done”Erin (age 6)

Learning Without Limits (April 2016) Performance at a Teacher Conference:

“I just wanted to say Leah how moving your poem was today. Great meeting you” – Christalla

TEDx (March 2016) 

“Wow. Really powerful opening by Leah before her poem. Being vulnerable and real on the stage really engaged the audience” – Marcus

“Leah K Stewart surprising and delighting us with a heart-felt poem” – Susan

ResearchED (November 2015): Performance at a Teacher Conference:

“Fantastic session today. The most brave and honest presentation I have experienced. Will be following your progress” – Mr Walker

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