Application Reviews for WomenEd Members

What is my Application Review Service? It’s all answered here…

Personally, I’m inspired by the #WomenED movement and those behind it.womened

Why not create a community where conversations on ‘equality’ are nurtured rather than stifled?

Why not create safe spaces so those who feel under pressure can say ‘I’m struggling’ and find companionship?

For those with tickets to the February Residential UnConference ‘Developing Yourself & Preparing to Step Up’ this is about the One-to-One (off timetable) Virtual Application Review Sessions I’m running in partnership with #WomenED to support this exciting UnConference.

To help you decide if you’d like me to review your application, here’s a 3 min video…

For my honest insight on your current application visit

Beyond this I’m also supporting individuals via the WomenED Job Application Support Group so feel free to look me up to there ask for general advice on your applications too.