‘Democracy, Majority Rules!’ Workshop (and MOOC tips)

Here’s a 2 min video to introduce my workshop for young people in sheltered housing…

Attendees have the choice to join me or not, so I’ve tried to offer a good idea of what we’ll do and what they’ll get from the session in order for them to make an informed decision.

If you’d like to learn more about the way our country is run here are some ways you can:

#1 Free Online Course (Just Started!) from the Houses of Parliament


This is the first time Parliament have created something like this so by supporting this course and sharing it with you here, my message is; “More like this please!

To join me just register (for free) from this page:

(once registered you’re welcome to follow my participant profile)

#2 Another Free Online Course (Starts Feb’17) via the University of Oxford

Even though it’s still months away I’m intrigued about this one and have already enrolled which you can do too from here:


Here’s their [2 min] video to introduce this course:

Hope to see you in one (or both) of these.

I use MOOCs like these to make sense of the world and develop my expression.
They’ve also proved an incredible source for finding mentors like in this example.