Exploring Diversity at Public Events

Taking a broad look at my projects so far revealed an uncomfortable truth…

TEDxNorwichED was the second education event I’ve helped organise and the second criticised for lack of diversity in the speakers.

How wonderful that no one can create an education event now, no matter who they are (even 3 teachers on a voluntary basis) and get away with lack of diversity.

The first was the ‘Politics in Education Summit’ featuring the best speakers the lady who dared organise this controversial event could secure. Were all the speakers worthy? Yes.

Did ALL these event organisers agonise over lack of diversity? Yes.

Is there a simple way we can make sure authentic and diverse individuals hear of speaking opportunities in time to be fairly considered? 

…I’ve been looking for this and would have paid for and promoted the provider of this service!

What if we set this up ourselves? 

That’s the question Bukky, Allana, Jaz and I are exploring in this public and live meeting…

We could have done this privately but that wouldn’t be ‘10% braver’ (the #WomenEd slogan in tribute to the community in which we met) or all that inclusive given the enthusiasm for this idea.

P.S. Only got 5 min? Here’s an inspiring 5 min video created by our co-host Jaz Ampaw Farr which brilliantly sets the scene and a clear call for action after our conversation…

And here’s even more content on #Diversity sparked by this kick-off meeting:

  • Diverse Speakers by Bukky Yusuf
  • I can’t be the only one…… by Allana Gay

UPDATE: After numerous enthusiastic comments from a wide range of people who’ve seen our meeting video, I’ve personally felt somewhat -flat- about moving this forward. Why?

…it was never MY project to move forwards with

But This IS happening, Yes! 

Have you heard of BAMEed?

BAMEed is a movement initiated in response to the continual call for intersectionality and diversity in the education sector.

BAMEed connects, enables and showcases the talent of diverse educators so they may inspire future generations and open up the possibilities within education careers.

So if you’ve been inspired by what you’ve seen here please follow and support BAMEed: bameednetwork.com