Goodbye! and thank you…

Here is a copy of the last email I sent to my email subscribers before closing the ability to sign up for email newsletters from me.

Within the last two-ish years, you joined one of my email groups:

With my Beyond the Box Education group we explored the concept of ‘Apprentice Yourself’ and excitedly, our first video on real mentors is still spreading and inspiring real action!

Alongside my Politics in Education community I’ve developed a deeper understanding of education policy and learnt how to get curious about (instead of fear) politics.

And those who joined for my Performance Poetry work, thank you!

Today marks my final email to all subscribers to create space for whatever is next. But this isn’t the end of my work or interest in yours if you wish to keep in touch!

What have I been up to during this quiet time?
(apart from relocating back the the UK)

TOP: the new ‘day job’ with the Chartered College of Teaching delightfully involves meetings about a future of education where teachers and the practice of teaching informs edu-policy.

MIDDLE: performing poetry to new audiences at the ‘Poetry Unplugged’ open mic evening.

BOTTOM: standing with the never-compromise-who-you-are coach Marianne Cantwell and the catalyst-for-change Jaz Ampaw-Farr after coaching them on their TEDx Talk performances.

Saying goodbye to this email-list of incredible people who inspire me has been many months coming, but I’m no longer afraid of loosing the opportunity to email one fantastic group.

This journey beyond ‘the box’ of life, work and education began with virtual connections which became real as my whole world changed in ways that felt shaped by me instead of society, expectations, custom, or others.

So, thank you and onwards! :)

Do keep in touch.