Explorer Justin Miles brings The World to Your Classroom!

More than ‘just an explorer’ with another tale to tell, here is Justin’s story…

At 26 years old a devastating car crash left Justin with brain injuries and unable to walk or talk. Rather than accept the situation, he decided to pursue his childhood dream of becoming an explorer. Challenging recovery norms, he persevered through failures, disappointments, and setbacks and is now one of the world’s few professional explorers, embarking on challenges across the globe using technology to share these adventures across thousands of classrooms world-wide.

Justin’s Educational Workshops on ‘Thinking Like An Explorer‘ are:

  • Perfect for School Years 3 to 6 (Primary) and 7 to 9 (Secondary)
  • Bookable as a half-day visit to lead a full-hour interactive session
  • Available for £275 plus expenses from Cambridge, United Kingdom

Justin’s fast paced, interactive workshop encourages involvement from each and every student. Using a ‘layered’ approach to his teaching means your students easily absorb key information. Outreach with literacy organisations (below) draws on content from Justin’s workshops.


Curriculum Elements:

Teachers use Justin’s sessions to motivate or inspire their students, as a way to consolidate prior learning and as a springboard in to new areas of learning.

  1. GEOGRAPHY, using a giant inflatable Justin introduces ‘the globe’, longitude, latitude and navigation with maps, compass as well as using the sun and the stars to not get lost!
  2. ENGLISH, the importance of research and clear communication plus the benefits (and fun!) of creating journals to record your own explorer adventures!
  3. BIOLOGY, adaptations to climate, clothing to protect us, calorie intake versus energy used
  4. MATHS, clear presentation using prompts such as triangulation, distance, equipment weights
  5. PE, training and preparing the body for endurance adventures, what it takes and how to begin!

Because so many students ask for more, Justin also provides worksheets and activity plans so you can follow up over time with your own lessons to link this session across geography, literacy, numeracy, science, art, drama and draw on Justin’s materials for support.

Justin is incredibly busy on his latest project…

“If we inspire, motivate and empower today’s children, they will help us make universal education a reality by 2030” for more visit LetsTeachTheWorld.org

…so I’m coordinating Justin’s UK School Workshops 2016/17 on his behalf.

To make an enquiry use the form on this page or reach me on Twitter @LearntSchool


To book your session (or ask for a quick reminder via email at a better future date) just pop your message here:

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“Your skills and ease of delivery enabled you to capture the minds of us all, which helped to focus the attention of the children. We all said how fascinating your time with us was. We are looking forward to following your expeditions and wish you the very best of success.” Mr Jones (Year 6 Teacher)