Guest Posts & Mentions of This Project

As this project and it’s supporters grows, I’m finding it important that those who engage with this work, either by hosting an article or mentioning Beyond the Box, are showcased…

Featured in the art news section of RSA’s Journal on ‘Uncertain Futures’ which is posted to 28,000 RSA fellows around the world.

Mention by Naomi Ward on her Staffrm Blog“There’s nothing as refreshing as looking to your community and taking action. Teachers are excellent at this; we see a need and respond:
see @learntschool’s flourishing community which seeks to influence education policy.”


Mention by Paakhi Bhatnagar author of ‘Musings of a Teenager’“Shout out to Leah K Stewart who inspired and motivated me to follow my passion without any doubts.” 

Mention by Kurt Lindley who applied to speak at TEDxNorwichED 2017“What follows is my 2nd draft (thank you Leah for the feedback) of an application to deliver a TEDx Talk. It’s not so important deliver the talk, what is important is recognising the people that have helped me get to the point which means I am in a good place to just share my story.”


Also Meeting Leah – a wealth of insight on Medium.

Mention by Justin Miles founder of the ‘Teach The World’ project“Leah was asked to join the team because of her very obvious passion for education, her commitment to making universal provision happen and her ‘can do’ attitude – to everything!”


Mention by Lucy Parsons author of ‘The Ten Step Guide to Acing Every Exam You Ever Take’“I’ve watched Leah working wonders for her own career in education using this technique – she’s the queen of authentic networking! Leah’s free video shows you how to get started with this alongside going to school and doing summer jobs.”


Also in her debut book published by John Catt.

Mention by Lisa Swaboda founder of ‘Atlas Educational’ “Leah K Stewart: This young woman has all the right ideas about the future of education. She gives me hope for the future.”

Mention by Roger Titcombe author of ‘Learning Matters’ – “So just as insightful bloggers Disappointed Idealist and Debra Kidd are making significant complementary contributions, along comes Leah K Stewart with her own angle on the possibilities for student learning through raising themselves by their own cognitive boot straps. See Beyond the Box Education”


Mentioned by Alison Peacock & Julie Lilly on the Beyond Levels website“Leah Stewart has done a fabulous job of researching and collating these gems for us.”

On Damage Caused by Efforts to Improve Social Mobility – Guest post with SOSS

What’s Wrong With Selection in Schools? with Leah K StewartSteff’s Politics Podcast

Hosted Twitter Chat ‘The Purpose of Education’ – Tongue in Cheek Summary for UKedChat

‘Other Views’ on the College of TeachingGust post for the Claim Your College campaign

Starving Artists & Sensible Scientists?Article published by UKed Magazine

Speak truth to power at the Politics in Education Summit – via Schools Improvement

How to Win (and Lose) at Being a Passive Candidate – via The Shortlisted

Thank you all! Leahx