“Can’t You Just Get a Real Job?!” they say

What is reality? What is it? Some thoughts on money, with music and pictures for fun…


That ‘pub’ mention above marks the first time I ever shared a poem in public.

Chatting about money issues over drinks, the conversation took a turn I recognised so I added “I’ve written a poem on that” sure this would be a harmless point to make…

Those around me had other plans. Not trusting myself to remember the words, I found them on this blog and read the poem aloud. Too fast at first; “Slow down!” they said. Then with a shaking voice to the end. I felt exposed, vulnerable and, when shown the tweet above, a bit sick!

But something about that experience stuck. Thank you Marianne Cantwell and Greg Newton for making me perform! As you may have noticed, I’ve done some more performances since then, including at TEDx. 

If you’d like to know how I’m evolving this work, just contact me from the ask Leah page.