2015 What a year! And Hopes for 2016 #Nurture1516

It’s all in this 5 minute video…

Click play to find out…

  • How unconventional my blogging is (and why I’ve loved it!)
  • Which three Education Events I’m interested in till March 2016:
    1. ONEThe Education Committee launches an inquiry into the purpose of education – sparked by the Politics in Education Summit (access the free eCourse)
    2. TWO; ‘Claim Your College’ crowedfunding campaign – this failed, here’s my blog post
    3. THREE; TEDxNorwichED – performend then interviewed the other speakers!
  • And why, maybe, things are happening now like never before

Happy New Year!
Leah x

P.S. To see out 2015 and bring in 2016 here is a video, Teach Peace, a poem born from frustration…