Lessons, Reflections & News #Nurture1617

It’s all in this 7 minute video…

Building on a mini-tradition of creating annual video reviews this one shares where I’m at with my evolving ‘portfolio career’ in education and the biggest lessons, reflections and news(!) of the last year.

The video below is introduced in the one above; recorded in the summer, please enjoy this as my New Years gift to you and a thank you for watching my annual review:

As I said above, I’d love to hear where you’re at with your work and particularly…

What Do You Take From Daniel’s Poem That You’d Like To Bring With You Into 2017?

  • idyball

    I liked ‘play’ but I like ‘wonder’ more ;) … A few days ago (in a ‘philosophy for children’ story) I started with the assertion that to ‘wonder is the very best thing that a person can ever do’… This, however, is worrying for your 2018 word. How do you top ‘wonder’? … You have a year to contemplate this (without crumbling :S )… (Luckily this, in itself, will be a fulfilment of your 2017 challenge ;) )
    As for Daniel, I suppose that to recognise the obvious is not that clever. It is as easy to spot a ‘laugh..or..stare’ as it is a ‘grunt [or]..flinch’ They are all tics. The key is to ‘wonder’ at all those, much more convoluted, tics that lie beneath. We are all an accumulation of them (philosophical zombies ;P)… I suspect that Daniel’s grunts and flinches are set to make him far less ‘flesh eating’ than those afflicted with tics of the nasty ‘laughing and staring’ kind. (And there is evidence for this in his, already ‘wonder’ful, poetry :)

    Happy New Year Leah and Daniel ;)

  • Jill Berry

    Thanks for this, Leah – welcome back to the UK and very best wishes for 2017. I hope it is a positive and productive year for you.

    My #oneword2017 is BALANCE – and I say a little more about this is my @staffrm #nurture1617 post here: http://staffrm.io/@jillberry/JW1bnDHSvW Good luck with yours!

    I think Daniel’s poem is amazing – very powerful. To me, it’s about accepting yourself for who you are and having the tolerance to accept others – to find common ground rather than to fixate on differences.

    Hope to see you again this year!

  • Iesha Small

    Hey Leah,

    How did I not realise that you were previously based in Germany?

    Wonder is a great word to guide you through out a year. Looking forward to what you come up with this year.

    Thanks for sharing Daniel’s poem. Very powerful. My takeaway? That tics and other identifiers don’t have to define us. They are part of us but not all of who we are.

    I don’t have one word. Around 1.5years ago I came up with 4 that I felt I wanted to guide all personal and professional decisions.

    Integrity, Relationships, Curiosity, Fun.

    I think last year was heavily weighted to Integrity and relationships. I think 2017 will skew towards curiosity and fun.

  • Leah K Stewart

    Loved hearing your thoughtful comments on Daniel’s poem @idyball:disqus, @jillberry:disqus and @ieshasmall:disqus, thank you all! Over the last months I’ve found myself coming back to this poem whenever I feel intimidated by someone I’ve come into contact with. When I begin to feel insecure that the things I can’t help doing (because of my creativity or way of seeing the world) make that person ‘laugh’ or ‘stare’ and have me wishing I was more normal… that’s when I come back to Daniels words. Every time, they give me courage to be myself. Now, thanks to this poem, I know it’s only by being myself that I can know myself and do the work I’m proud to call mine. So thank you Daniel. I hope this note helps you understand why I’m thanking you.