“Politicians are Aware – Just Don’t Want to Face the Truth”

This is an example of looking for work and taking action. One day one of my amazing subscribers sent me this email about David Price’s new book ‘OPEN’:

open“…I also was thinking of you on the plane home, because I was reading OPEN: How we’ll work, live and learn in the future by David Price… you may already have seen/read it, but if not, it is fascinating and well worth a look :)”

Not only did I take a look, but I stumbled on an interview Twitter Chat with David just days after this tip! What’s David saying? Well, some really exciting things…or scary things, depending on how you look at it :D

“50% of workers will be freelance in 5 years. We’re going to need communicators, collaborators, designers, problem-finders, cultural knowers. Our National Curriculum is too static, too rigid. Politicians are aware – just don’t want to face it.” Yikes! Right?

Here’s an examples of how to to throw yourself into a twitter chat with someone you admire…

The ‘DoWhatYouLove’ Twitter Interview with David Price

Since this exciting twitter conversation, I got involved in the planning of the UK’s first ever Politics in Education Summit which is now a free eCourse where you can learn directly from our national leaders on Education & Policy: how to recast our Government as a lever we can learn to understand and use effectively, rather than the provider of a service we critique.