Continuing & Growing the ‘Politics In Education’ Discussion

The influence of this Summit is no where near over…

Every word was recorded so everyone can explore the Summit Experience and Free eCourse!

Sometimes I meet a person and am floored by their desire to do good coupled with their unshakeable integrity…



The creator of the Politics in Education Summit, Heidi Williams, is one of those people. Via her event, we are invited to officially explore and question the status quo of the place of Politics in Education.


In Heidi’s words, here’s why she created this Summit:

This September, I became a stakeholder in the education system; my 4 year old son started school. In the process of researching our options to gain a better understanding of what Ofsted reports actually mean, and whether they mattered, it became apparent that the data driven part of my research represented only a tiny part of the whole story.

As an organiser of Summit events which put evidence centre stage, I was fascinated to see how evidence is treated in education. Is political ideology in education a powerful agent of positive change or a disruptive destabilizer? And what, or who, protects education and its key stakeholders from bad ideas? What are the safeguards?

In recent years the way education has been delivered, structured and assessed has seen unprecedented reforms and shifting priorities. The speed and breadth of these changes highlights how powerful the government can be. Are there sufficient controls over our government’s right and privilege to implement education policies?

As soon as the 90 page transcript arrived my work began to create accurate summaries:


The transcripts are densely packed with incredible insights. It was a labor of love to condense them into something accessible in terms of length, while keeping the original meanings and tones of the speakers and delegates.

The free 5 day eCourse was created to share knowledge from the summit open wide this conversation, to find out more and join click here