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Download your Full Transcript Pack (96 page PDF file) – To ask what education is for is to ask what society is for…pdficon

To help with access and review, this document is also divided into a document per section as follows:

  1. Event Overview: Key points raised in each session and panel debate – open 2 page PDF
  2. Calls to Action: Single page summary of the event and next steps – open 1 page PDF
  3. Full transcript from SESSION 1: Government’s Role and Responsibility – open 24 page PDF
  4. Full transcript from SESSION 2: Stakeholder Roles and Perspectives – open 20 page PDF
  5. Full transcript from SESSION 3: Controls, Safeguards and Balance – open 22 page PDF
  6. Full transcript from SESSION 4: How might Politics in Education Evolve? – open 21 page PDF
  7. Appendix 1: Short summaries of each presentation and open floor – open 8 page PDF

Summit Presentation Slides

Access Tim Oates’ slides (16 page PDF file) – Tim shatters Finland’s progressive narrative…


Access Professor Bill Lucas’ slides (30 page PDF file) – Bill calls for an independent education body…


Access Prof Andrew Pollard’s slides (26 page PDF file) – We lack systems of knowledge mobilisation…pdficon

Access Sir John Dunford’s slides (9 page PDF) right here – With Ofsted we lost professional voice in Government…pdficon

Access John Bangs’ slides (7 page PDF file) – Embedded reform will not happen without a systematic approach…pdficon

Access Emma Knights’ slides (5 page PDF file) – It’s not all about sticks, but carrots too…


Access Prof Mick Waters’ slides (3 page PDF file) – Deregulation while measuring the wrong data leads to system withering…


Access Jonathan Simons’ Presentation slides (19 page PDF file) – Disillusionment with Government is a symptom of its success…


Easy access to the Politics in Education eCourse

Introductions – You, Me & This Courseyour password: startcourse


[DAY 1] Why do we have Politics in Education? your password: whypolitics


[DAY 2] Who’s in the Game? your password: whoisin


[DAY 3] Where’s the Power? Where’s it Shifting? your password: powershift


[DAY 4] Politics in Education: The Big Picture, your password: edupurpose


eCourse Finaleyour password: nowandnext


The Over-Arching Summary of ALL we have Covered!

eCourse Contributor Introduction Videos:

Politics in Education Alumni Supplementary Videos: 

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