What Do You Actually Care About?

Or as I’ve phrased this for Global Collaboration Day: What ONE Positive do YOU Care Most About Creating in Our World?


After dazzling participation and contributions to this event in 2015, we went again for 2016.

This time I went even bigger with support from the ‘Teach The World‘ community.

While ‘Global Collaboration Day’ is, sadly, over for another year… if you do want to join in now I’ve made it so you can just click the image below to tweet your ‘One Positive‘ to the world:


FAQ: That’s a big question! Can you be more specific?

Nope. This is wide open to your interpretation. It’s just got to be something you personally care enough about to put the spoon in and stir.

In the 2015 Twitter Event We Cared About;  empowering, confidence, brotherhood, equity, equality, connections, responsibility, respect, compassion, love, education, questioning, caring, relationships, harmony, sharing, stories, gentleness, freeing, genius, choosing, nature, kindness, risks, curiosity, generosity, trusting, dreams, possibilities, accessible, humanity, peace, authenticity, play…

In the 2016 Twitter Event We Cared About; education, books, clean air, homes, food, freedom, equality, water to drink, peace, family, health, imagination, hope, inspiration, curiosity, well-being, technology, animals, growth mindset, self-reflection, student voice, aspirations, safety, happiness, opportunity, collaboration, service, dialogue, wisdom, courage, compassion, presence, delight, positivity, exploration, play, dreams… 

This helps me believe we’re not actually going to destroy ourselves. Look at what happened when a teacher shared this question with her class:


Anytime you’d like to join in, don’t forget to include #DreamBig @LearntSchool so I can find you.