Back to School! Presenting at ResearchED

The true teacher-led movement ResearchED is here; I’m a huge fan, and also a speaker…


Huge thanks to David Didau for entrusting me with a place at his ResearchEd on English Lit and Language. The film below shows snippets of my talk plus an honest group chat exploring the place of literature in life, how that can be lost… and found in school or beyond.

[0-20 min is my presentation, 20-35 min is the honest conversation with teachers who attended]

Presentation References…

Statistic46% all 16 to 24 year olds don’t read for pleasure and latest reading facts here
Book – Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw at your local library, or at
Note: nerves had me exaggerating on it’s age, it’s 100 years old and Clara is in the play, but not the Musical I knew as a child. 
Twitter EventWhat’s your ONE Positive?
ArticleThe Brain-Dead Simple but Astonishingly Effective Way to Become a Better Writer
PoemWhat is Money?
Blog PostGoogle 20% Time or ‘Genius Hour’ by Alex Quigley
PresentationThreshold Concepts

Group Discussion References…

BookDavid’s Book on Education
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Some practice at presenting myself in a bio…


Flyer for my Session…

Let’s Zoom Out on Education

Flyer references…

compulsory school ages in the UKSchool leavers fear failure more than younger teens,  apprentices are happier in their work than graduates