One Show, One Street (see what happened)


They’d lived there for coming up eight years and, like many streets today, each home did it’s own thing in it’s own bubble. While I’m a fan of privacy, isn’t it true that we must protect ourselves from strangers in way’s we don’t have to with people we can identify with?

In my possession were poems I’d written and poems I’d adapted for performances, but had yet to perform that could become a 45 minute show. A show as a reason for a little gathering of neighbors and, all going well, a positive shared experience.

My parents hesitated; this isn’t their thing. Dad made sure he was not going to be home  and mum slept on it to conclude that all I’m trying to do is something good, so she stayed. Next it was time to invite the neighbors. Door to door I attempted to prove as quickly as possible this was no sales pitch. Just something fun for this street, and you’re invited.

Many engaged me in conversations way beyond the usual exchange of labels, perhaps because I’d already thrown out convention by inviting them to a street poetry show! On the day I created this project page and posted a little invitation to watch a ‘PreShow Hello’ video for each household that had said ‘yes’ or ‘maybe’ to my crazy idea:


They came.


We laughed, reflected (cried a bit) shared and openly wondered why so many years had passed without ‘something positive’ bringing us together.

You know you’ve done good when a six year old says ‘well done’…


And even more exciting was that those who came volunteered themselves (or partners!) to host the next one. They could play an instrument, or sing, or create pieces of craft that packaged as a show could be an excuse for another gathering like this one.


So that was the first Stones Throw Show. If you’re up for the challenge of hosting your own show like this for one street let’s connect and we’ll make more magic.

What inspired this project?

here’s a blog post on the story behind this idea.