Opportunity to Speak at a TEDx on Education

Originally published via the TEDxNorwichED Newsletter…

The Speaker Information Pack says: “Applications are open to anyone, from the unknown to the famous! You don’t have had to have talked before to apply…”

Bottom Line: To Inspire Generations We Need Authentic Voices

The TEDx stage can be an emotional and personally affirming experience


trust me.

And I really don’t want you to miss this chance by not applying.

Even if your talk is not selected, by doing the application you’ve declared quietly (to yourself) your intention to be an inspiration on a larger field.

There are other events and so many ways to share your message if this one small attempt doesn’t work this one time…

Why not have a go? See what comes up, see it as an exercise and have fun.

If you were to give a TED Talk what would your message be?

While applications for this specific event are now closed, the above question always applies.