3 Smart Ways to Get Real Mentors

Here’s a 30 second introduction to the ‘Apprentice Yourself’ starter guide…

Please keep in mind that the ‘introduction video’ above and ‘starter guide’ below represent the very first videos I’d ever created.

Making these videos was actually part of a ‘play project’ to myself that felt exciting and like the best next step after discovering out how simple it could be for a ‘creative, perceptive introvert’ like me (often lost in my own thoughts and mute in busy environments) to earn the kinds of professional connections and interest I cared about.

Responses to the video have encouraged me to keep it public. Things like “I was thinking about doing this, I just didn’t know it! Thanks” and “You had me nodding the whole way through! I love how you make the distinction between doing work and doing a job” have made this project real to me.

I’ve hugely valued being a small part of inspiring projects started by people who’ve watched the video below and taken some action.

And here’s your 15 minute ‘Apprentice Yourself’ starter guide…

Congratulations on Watching the ‘Apprentice Yourself’ Starter Guide.

How do you feel?

If you’ve watched the whole video and would like to take some action based on it (even if you don’t know what that might be yet) I’d really like to hear from you. Here’s my Ask Leah page.

Things people are saying about my email replies…

“I wasn’t really take my passion that seriously and I cannot stress this enough: your email really inspired me to start working. And I am so glad I did! I love seeing my work out there in the world. It gives me so much satisfaction. Thank You, Leah!” – Paakhi

Things people are saying about one-to-one consultations…

“Once again, a big Thank You for yesterday’s consultation. It was incredibly helpful in terms of seeing different perspectives and uncovering how I really feel, beneath layers of risk aversion. Now I’ve a clear vision and am excited to launch my own personal project and exploration!” – Derek

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